VCF PNW 2018 Exhibitors

We have a fantastic selection of exhibits for our first show in Seattle! Here is what we have for you so far.

Sun Microsystems “lunchbox” Workstations – Alan Perry, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Alpha Syntauri -Jason Howe, Lake Forest Park, Washington

ST-2900 Computer – David Wiens, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Adapting 68xx Systems to VGA Displays – Brendan Donahe, Lago Vista, Texas

Graphical Workstations of the Early 80s: Symoblics 3640, Xerox 1186 and PERQ 1A – Josh Dersch, Bothell, Washington

Lisp Machines & The UNIX hater’s Club – Ian Finder, Seattle, Washington’s AT&T 3B2/500 – Stephen Jones, Seattle, Washington

Vintage Computer Replicas – Oscar Vermeulen, Walchwil, Zug, Switzerland

TRS-80 Ecosystem – David Cooper, Seattle, Washington

SGI of the 1990s-2000 – J.P. McGlinn, Lynnwood, Washington

Dr. Evil Labs: Voice Music for the Commodore 64 – Kent Sullivan, Kirkland, Washington

PDP-8 Replacement Parts & Repair -Vincent Slyngstad, Beaverton, Oregon

Chilliwack RetroComputer Club – Alex Dumitru, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

MOnSter6502 – Eric Schlaepfer, Sunnyvale, California

Digi-Comp II Recreation – Windell Oskay, Sunnyvale, California

BLinkenBone: Reanimated Blinkenlight Panels – Joerg Hoppe, Goettingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Seattle Retrocomputing Society – Gordon Steemson, Everett, Washington

Floppy Disks: 8 inch to super-floppies – Foone Turing, Milpitas, California

Atari 8-bit Home Computers – Bill Kendrick, Kevin Savetz (and friends!), Olympia, Washington

The Attache: The Last of the Altairs – Larry Pezzolo, Palo Alto, CA

Xi 8088 / Micro 8088 – Sergey Kiselev, Portland, OR

Exhibitor registration for the inaugural Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest is now closed but space might open up if somebody drops out. If you are interested in registering please email Michael Brutman (

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