VCF SE 5.0 — Hands On Activities

Atari 2600 Video Gaming Wall

Always a favorite, the Atari Video Gaming Wall returns.  Featuring authentic, 40 year old Atari 2600s, the Video Gaming Wall allows you to relive the fun games of your youth.  If you happen to be younger than 40 years of age, then come and experience what 8-bit gaming was like in the 70’s.  The processor inside the 2600 is the MOS Technology 6502 (6507), the same chip that was used in the Apple I and II, Commodore PET and VIC-20, and early single board computers; AIM, SYM, KIM, and Ohio Scientific.  The processor was also in Atari’s 8-bit home computer line; 400, 600, 800, XL, and XE.  Using only 4 KB of cartridge ROM space, the 2600 tested the limits of light, sound, and gave many a youth hours of relaxing game play.  Often imitated, but never, oh wait, yes – it was duplicated, a lot!   Everything old is new again.  Come dig through our box of Atari 2600 titles and get to know, or relearn, the gaming console that could.  As an added bonus, we will have Composite Video Out kits available for $10 to help you “mod” your 2600.  The mod will allow the console to be played on modern TVs.  Also, duplicate game cartridges are available for sale or trade.


A favorite activity at the show returns this year – Learn to Solder!

So,  you feel inspired by all of the vintage 8-bit computers on display at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast?  Why not get yourself your very own 8-bit computer kit from the concessions stand, and build your own like 1975?  We have an assortment of 8-bit computer kits that range from Random Blinky boards to full functioning wrist watches.  Kits range from $5-$25.

Each of our kits contain a modern 8-bit Atmel processor and are pre-programmed in BASIC for their various function.  BASIC reprogramming kits are also available for $10 that include the software and USB programmer that allow you to re-purpose your kit for whatever purpose you dream up!

The list of kits includes:

  • Flashy Blinky  $5
  • Simon Memory Game  $10
  • POV Ruler $15
  • MOOD Medallion  $15
  • Programmable Musical Organ  $20
  • Not So Smart Watch $25

We will have a dozen soldering irons hot and ready for you to use.  There will be knowledgeable staff ready and willing  to help you learn to solder, improve your skills (or even de-solder). We charge nothing for this service.  We can also help some with dead vintage computers.  We may ask you to come back to one of our monthly meetings if it’s a complicated vintage computer repair.

We also have a few left over 1802 COSMAC Membership Card and Spare Time Gizmos Elf 2000 kits if you are interested.  These are intermediate kits and will take some time to build  – so get to the show early.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.

  • COSMAC 1802 Membership Card $50 (Rev E. RAM or ROM version)
  • Spare Time Gizmos Elk 2K $300 (2 HEX Displays with power supply)


We are also working on a new kit for this year!   However, we’ll not know if it will make it to the show until closer to the date (we sadly can’t control PCB fabrication or shipping times )