VCF SE 5.0 Speakers

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Andy Hertzfeld – Software Wizard

Andy Hertzfeld purchased an Apple II in January 1978, serial number 1703, which quickly took over his life, leading him to start working at Apple in August 1979.  He joined the nascent Macintosh team in February 1981, and became one of the primary authors of the original Macintosh system software, including the User Interface Toolbox and many of the original desk accessories.      He left Apple in March 1984, and went on to co-found three companies: Radius (1986), General Magic(1990) and Eazel (1999).  In 2003, he developed a web-based system for collective storytelling (, and used it to write anecdotes about the development of the Mac, which were collected in the book “Revolution in the Valley”, published in December 2004.   In August 2005, he joined Google and worked there until he retired in 2013.


Don French – Computer Pioneer 

 Don French is credited as being the driving force behind the the TRS-80 line of Personal Computers.   He purchased a MITS Altair kit computer then began designing his own and proposed to the VP of manufacturing at Radio Shack the idea of selling a microcomputer.    He hired Steve Leininger and the two begin working together in 1976 building what would become the TRS-80 Model I.     It was unveiled in 1977 and by 1980 InfoWorld described Radio Shack as “the dominant supplier of small computers”.   Don left Radio Shack in 1978 to found Applied Data Corp which implemented software (including porting CP/M and all Microsoft Products) to the TRS-80.
After this company was acquired by Lanier Business Products, he went on to found three more companies that focused on Physician Management Systems.   He retired from Optio-Software in 2008, but still continues consulting in the medical field and creating software for the hospitality and gaming industries.