VCF East 2020 Virtual Hybrid Show

VCF East will be a virtual hybrid show for 2020.

The dates for the live show will be October 10 & 11. Times will be released after we figure out the schedule, but expect a 9AM to 5PM time range for each day.

We already have exhibitors, class instructors and presenters signed up.

Exhibitors can submit a 5 to 10 minute video or show their exhibit in-person at InfoAge.

Sign up here:

Class Instructors can submit a 30 minute video on their how-to class.

Sign up here:

I know that this will be a great disappointment to many. I had hoped that after 4 months that conditions would have improved to the point that the show could be in-person, but limitations in indoor capacity makes the effort to organize an in-person show prohibitive. We considered the time, effort, money and safety to make an in-person show.

But don’t despair! Our virtual hybrid show will still be a lot of fun!
We can still make the show great despite being a virtual hybrid.

VCF West, K-Fest and HOPE have shown that a fun show can still be created while being virtual.
What do I mean “virtual hybrid”? Our plan is to have a two day event where there will be a mixture of pre-recorded videos as well as live demonstrations of exhibits. Live attendance at InfoAge will be limited to exhibitors and show administrators.
I see this event as an opportunity to show off exhibitors who normally wouldn’t be able to make the show due to distance or circumstances .
I will be sending out more details about our plans as we develop them.
In the meantime, I will be contacting exhibitors, class instructors and speakers to start making videos to send to me.


VCF Museum reopening August 1, 2020

The Vintage Computer Federation Museum will reopen starting August 1, 2020 as per InfoAge’s plan to reopen. InfoAge has a plan for everyone wearing masks, providing hand sanitizer, social distancing and controlling the volume of visitors, etc. They are following all the state and local guidelines for safety in regards to Covid-19. If you have any questions, then please let me know.