VCF East is three weeks away!

Vintage Computer Festival East is May 3-4-5 at the InfoAge Science & History Center in Wall, New Jersey. This year’s show features keynotes by Unix co-inventor Ken Thompson (who’ll be interviewed on stage by Brian Kernighan) and Atari/Amiga engineer Joe Decuir. We also have a DIY computing panel discussion, HUGE exhibits devoted to the histories of Unix and Atari. Plus dozens of additional exhibits, the massive consignment room, a single-board computer workshop, museum tours, learn-to-solder classes, and much more!


  1. I cannot find an official time for the Saturday and Sunday VCF East Keynotes.
    Or any other talk schedule for those days.

    The Classes page shows the timetable for Friday, from which I’m guessing that all the Keynotes
    are at 2:10 pm until 3:10 pm.

    It would be nice if the events and activities for Saturday and Sunday were spelled out somewhere.

    Mike Bianchi

    1. Hello — There is one keynote on Friday (lunchtime) and one each on Saturday/Sunday at 9:30am. This is explained in bullet points on the main page.

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